Posted by: kel-bel | June 23, 2009

Island Summer Holiday…on a budget!

Ischia Castle at day break

Ischia Castle at day break

Ischia island,nestled in the Gulf of Naples, is one of the only island holiday destinations off the coast of Italy that offers reasonably priced, comfortable and safe hostel-type accomodation to the young traveller wanting to get some time out from work or studies and experience the fruitful lifestyle of the summer in the mediterranean: Sun, sea, beaches, boat trips and much more.

Situated amongst the hillside town on the port of Forio, lies a little gem – Ring Hostel – the only hostel amongst an abundance of hotels and villas sharing the very same Mnt Epomeo backdrop on the island of Ischia. For the lonestar traveller or the group of friends wanting to exprience the essence of Italian island living without breaking the bank to be there, Ring Hostel is the way to go.

Ischia in the summer is indescribable: long, hot, sunny days allow for even the shortest of stays to be filled with plentiful activities such as lazying on the beach until 8pm, snorkeling amoungst the boulders along the shoreline, rock jumping, hiking up Mnt Epomeo, soaking in the natural hot springs, treating yourself to a day at the spa where one entrance fee allows you access to 18 different pools, baths and springs, a private beach and an enchanting garden, the Ischia Castle as well as the scatterings of castle ruins in and amoungst the new and old buildings all over the island are worth a see. Days trips to the other family of islands in the gulf such as Capri and Procida are also an option.

Forio from the top of Mnt Epomeo

Forio from the top of Mnt Epomeo

In July, the Ischia Film Festival takes place from the 5th. The Talented Mr Ripley was filmed on the island and since, the secret of Ischia has been shown to the world. (Keep updated on events by checking the blog.)

Accomodation at the hostel starts from €17 pp/night.

If however the financial crisis is not hitting you in the pocket, then you may be interested in having a look at spending your time in Ischia in a self-catering apartment overlooking the sea and Forio port, or splashing out on a couple of nights in a hill top hotel overlooking the town and bay of Forio.

Contact Giuseppe: +39 333 698 5665 for more info


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